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Landscaping Services

We are the go-to choice for landscaping in the Truckee and Tahoe areas. Explore the transformative possibilities for your outdoor space with Green Envy, Inc. 

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Award Winning
Landscape Construction in Lake Tahoe

We specialize in a comprehensive range of landscape development solutions, including retaining walls, boulder naturalization, water features, fire pits, irrigation, zero scape, large tree planting, garden development, lawn installation, mulching, organic fertilization, and Best Management Practice (BMP) installation.​

In addition to landscape construction services we offer annual, monthly and weekly yard cleanup and maintenance including irrigation management, pickup & haul off, lawn care, pruning, trimming and more.  

Our dedicated team, equipped with advanced machinery, is committed to transforming your outdoor space. We take pride in our bilingual staff, ensuring seamless communication throughout your landscaping project. At Green Envy, Inc., we utilize premium materials and employ experienced installation techniques to deliver refined finished products.

Discover the peace of mind that comes with professional Landscape Maintenance Services from Green Envy, Inc. Contact us today to discuss your specific needs and benefit from our tailored and cost-effective solutions.

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Seasonal Gardening

Enhance the beauty of your landscape with our seasonal fine gardening services, focusing on the care and maintenance of your plants including pruning, weeding and more.

Organic Fertilization

Nurture your landscape organically with our fertilization services, promoting soil health and plant vitality.

General Planting or Transplanting

Elevate your landscape with our expert planting services. Whether you're adding new plants or rearranging existing ones, we have the expertise to enhance your outdoor environment.

Seasonal Flower Planting

Bring vibrant colors to your landscape with our seasonal flower planting services, adding a touch of freshness and beauty.

Gardening & Planting

Yard Clean-Up

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Spring Clean-Up Services

Prepare your landscape for the blooming season with our thorough spring clean-up services. We'll rake your yard, irrigate the area, assess plant health, and set the stage for a flourishing landscape.

General Off-Haul of Debris

Keep your landscape pristine by removing debris and unwanted materials, ensuring a clean and inviting outdoor space. Our team can haul away unwanted yard waste.

Watering & Irrigation

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Water Auditing Services

Ensure efficient water use with our water auditing services, helping you conserve resources, ensure local regulations are being met while maintaining a healthy landscape.

Irrigation Activation, Winterization, and Maintenance

Ensure the optimal performance of your irrigation system with our comprehensive services. From activation in the spring to winterization in the fall, we handle it all, including ongoing maintenance, modifications, and repairs.

Certified Backflow Testing

Trust our certified professionals to conduct thorough backflow testing, a requirement in the Tahoe area, ensuring the safety and integrity of your irrigation system.

Other Services

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Lawn Mowing, Maintenance, and Repairs

Maintain a lush and healthy lawn with our professional lawn care services. We offer regular mowing, maintenance, and repairs to keep your grass looking its best.

Winter Landscape Preparation Services

Get your landscape ready for winter with our comprehensive services, including tree and shrub wrapping, lawn and patio furniture storage, and boat storage services.

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