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BMPs & Compliance

With a track record of over 100 residential and commercial BMP installations, we guarantee TRPA certification for all Tahoe Basin BMP projects. At Green Envy, Inc., we pride ourselves on being a "one-stop-shop," capable of designing, implementing, and providing certification for BMP projects of any size.

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Expertise You Can Trust

At Green Envy, Inc., we bring over 25 years of unparalleled experience in BMP design, development, and maintenance to serve you. Recognized as one of only 14 businesses in the Tahoe Basin with Certified Evaluator (CEV) status by the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency (TRPA), we stand out as a trusted provider of BMP services.

Situated at the bottom of a deep basin, Lake Tahoe faces challenges from 63 streams and tributaries flowing in and only one flowing out. Our efforts in BMP contribute to reducing the flow of dirt, lawn chemicals, and runoff into the lake, playing a crucial role in preserving its clarity.

Choose Green Envy, Inc. for BMP solutions that prioritize environmental sustainability and regulatory compliance in the Tahoe Basin.

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Certified Evaluator (CEV) Status

As a CEV-contracted business, we offer TRPA certified Site Evaluations directly from our office. Our expertise allows us to assess your property and provide comprehensive evaluations to meet TRPA standards.

Installation and Maintenance

From installing to maintaining BMP infrastructure, we've got you covered. We specialize in challenging lakefront installations and collaborate with lakefront homeowners to achieve BMP Certification, meeting TRPA lake mooring and buoy permitting requirements.

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Pier Modification Projects

We've completed several Lake Tahoe pier modification projects, ensuring residential TRPA BMP compliance and permitting.

Temporary BMP Installation

Green Envy, Inc. can install pre-grade required temporary BMPs to address immediate needs and compliance

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Commitment to Certification

Environmental efforts, policies and regulations are ever changing. We are committed to ensuring our staff is up-to-date in all BMPs certifications and other best practices to provide the most environmentally effective and certified solutions. 

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